Quote of the day

Listening to the Lion King Broadway soundtrack: 

Bine: “baby lion is sad because he misses his dadda.”

Me: “yup that is true.”

Bine: “I do not miss his uncle though.”

Saturday morning reading time


Friday night fire

Even hot dogs taste awesome when cooked over a fire!


It’s race day!

On Saturday Dadda and I went to the races, because Dadda said Momma needed a day to herself. I’m not sure why she’d need that… But we had so much fun!


Making smores out of a rainstorm

What do you do when your momma says you can make smores over the fire pit in the backyard, but then it starts pouring?

You make them in the microwave and eat them in the kitchen!


I think it’s a little big…


Baseball game selfies


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