Church clothes

Very late at night, putting me back in bed for the fiftieth time:

Bine: ohh, Momma, that is so pretty!! Are you going to wear that to church??
Momma: absolutely not. Go to bed.
Momma was wearing PJs and a robe. She didn’t agree with my fashion recommendation.

My new favorite job

Putting the trash cans away! 


Puddle jumping


Waiting and snacking

A fruit snack while I wait to see my awesome dermatologist! 


Momma might be jealous

She loves my blond curls!  


Overheard, very late at night

B: “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”
Momma: awww, she’s getting ready for my birthday!
B: “happy birthday dear baby dollllllll….”
Momma: sigh.


We tried to go watch the Final Four teams practice, but Momma said there were too many people. :( so, we went to the museum instead! 


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