First movie theater experience!

We saw the Minions movie!


A brand new library!

Checking out Grandma and Patta’s library. We found Pinkalicious!


There is a puppy on my bed!!!


Jet lag stinks

 Doing a lot of this lately. 


Quote of the day 

B: “Can I have those drinks with lunch?”

Momma: “What drinks are those?”

B: “The ones that taste like Minnie Mouse snacks. And they make my tongue itchy.”

I have no idea. 

Indianapolis Indians

On Sunday, we went to the Indianapolis Indians game! 

First, I cleaned my chair for an inning or so.  

Then I ate cotton candy for an inning.  


Then I ran the bases after the game!
And they put me on the big screen as I ran!

Turns out, it’s hard to videotape fireflies

But Momma and I tried anyways. 

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