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Because sometimes you just need pizza on the couch while watching Daniel Tiger. 



B: “I have curly hair.”

Momma: “no, you have straight hair.”


Momma: “…what is bender hair?”

B: “it’s straight hair.”

The Park at Traders Point Church


Disney On Ice


Bumps #1 and #2

For comparison’s sake…

35 weeks with Sabine:


36 weeks with Lise:


I have gained about half as much weight this time around, but Tyler says the bump is bigger. Second kid = stomach muscles have given up. ;)

36 weeks

The doctors wanted to double check how baby sister’s kidneys were developing, so while I was at school yesterday Momma and Dadda went for an ultrasound. When I got home from school they showed me the pictures, and I said “oh look how silly and cuuute she is!”

36weeks 136weeks 336weeks 5

And most importantly, they made sure to ask whether my baby sister is indeed still a sister. She is, no worries. :)

Test driving the sister thing

Momma went a little overboard nesting this weekend so now my old chair is all set up and ready for baby sister. I decided my animals should test it out. 


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