Week 1 

Happy start of Advent! Today at dinner we lit the shepherd’s candle. 



I looove pumpkin seeds! 



Three year check up

Today I went to the doctor for my three year old check up! (I know, my birthday was in August, but this is when our insurance company said I could go.) I weigh 32 lbs, am 36.5 inches tall, and met all my developmental milestones. Since I did such a great job, Momma and Dadda took me to Starbucks for a treat! 


To our girls

I spotted this on sale and had to get it for your room… It is orange and pink! Orange has always been B’s color and pink is becoming baby’s color. So the two colors together meant it was perfect for you two in your first shared bedroom. 

Never forget, dear girls – Dadda and I love you so, so much. 

Love, Momma



Saturday mornings

I do art, Momma does laundry. 


Writing notes

I love to write notes for Momma and then seal them with a sticker. My last note was full of the two letters I currently draw best, T and I, and I arranged them in a pattern that made Momma and Dadda laugh a lot. 


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